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Why PaxStixTM?

I developed PAX-STIX for two reasons. The first reason is I hate waste. We would go through a large amount of non biodegradable foam every time we packed up a powder coating order. The foam is not reusable and either ends up in the trash or out on the road on the way to the install. The second reason is I hate waste. As the owner of a powder coating company, I would constantly watch my crew and customers struggle with safely loading up finished parts.

- Wil Ducrest, Owner


Durable, reusable, and effective. That's what makes PaxStix great for a wide variety of applications. They help you pack smarter, not harder.


  • Reduces loading time & loading errors
  • Reduces shipping damage
  • Built to last and be reused dozens of times
  • 100% recyclable


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